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Kihong (Jason) Hong

BPE, RMT, Owner

He is registered as a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Canada and a clinic owner. In Canada, he graduated from the Intensive Massage Therapy Program at Algonquin College. Kihong earned a Physical Education Bachelor’s Degree in South Korea. After his graduation, Kihong worked in South Korean hospitals with orthopaedic surgeons dealing with post-surgery patients and high school soccer varsity teams. He has diverse experiences ranging from military service, coaching sports, and clinical experience from Korea and Canada. His treatment specialties are holistic assessments of the human body, sports rehab with comprehensive massage, and functional rehabilitation.

Luca Dobsky


Luca’s interests have always revolved around physical and mental well being. Over the years, he has engaged in a wide variety of sports and activities which helped him uncover his passion for athletics and the human body. This influenced him to pursue his Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics, of which he graduated in 2020 from the University of Ottawa.

During this time, Luca became a Certified Personal Trainer from the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, where he began to work with individuals one on one to achieve their fitness goals. Helping his clients improve their relationship with physical activity via appropriate exercise selection, education and lifestyle modifications was a role that found itself to be very fulfilling for Luca.

The positive experiences of coaching and empowering his clients had propelled Luca to pursue and complete his Master of Physical Therapy from the University of Western Ontario in 2023. These skills have prepared him to deliver high quality care and restore proper movement to help alleviate pain and limitations. Luca believes in educating his patients and helping them rebuild their mobility and strength to take back control of their health and well being.

Luca has been involved in sports and athletics for most of his life. He played competitive hockey for nearly 10 years and has overlapped this with a consistent strength training regimen. In more recent years, he began training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has competed in regional competitions. Otherwise, Luca enjoys outdoor activites such as biking, snowboarding, playing spikeball and exploring all that involves and challenges movement.

David Dallaire

B.Sc.HK, DOMP, CEP, Manual Osteopath, Certified Exercise Physiologist

David has led a diverse and dynamic career in the field of movement, health and healing. After graduating from university with B.Sc. In human kinetics he has worked in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics, sports and exercise science, exercise therapy and yoga instruction which has led to a practice focusing on movement dysfunction and chronic pain. He has since completed his studies in osteopathic manual practice and now is able to offer a comprehensive treatment approach that marries osteopathic treatment with movement and exercise therapy.
His osteopathic treatments are not exclusive to biomechanical dysfunction either. Being trained a wide range of osteopathic approaches he can also perform cranial and visceral treatments which can greatly benefit a wide range of disorders including headaches and migraines, concussions, digestive issues among others.


Our Clients Feedback

At Hong’s Health Care, We love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after their Therapeutic care.

"Dawn provided personal training sessions to me from 2018 to 2020. She was phenomenal at motivating me to reach my fitness goals. Her passionate and empathic approach is outstanding. "

    Kim Coles

    "Jason is very knowledgeable and attentive to his patience. Dawn is also very helpful and friendly too. The space is clean and well-maintained."

      Carlile Sea

      "Really knowledgeable and good technique. Went for my back and shoulder injury and helped a lot with the pain."

        James Kim

        Feel The Body Adjustment From Head to the Toe

        The therapists at Hong’s Health Care have mastery in a broad variety of techniques, and we use these skills much as a builder would use different tools to meet the individual demands


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        It’s the simplification of the insurance claims process. We interact with your insurance company directly, so that you can avoid the mess of phone calls, claims, forms, and anything else that’s thrown in there. You should be leaving relaxed and healed, and this is another way that we do our best to make that happen. Direct billing simplifies what can be a complex and annoying process.